• John Rubino

JID Investments Completes Sherman Investment

JID Investments LLC (JIDI) has once again completed a very successful investment by closing out our Sherman Avenue project in Washington, DC NW. This marks our 15th successfully completed investment, an accomplishment we are very proud of.

The Sherman Avenue project is a new construction building with 20-condominium units in the Heart of Columbia Heights DC NW. It is nestled on a corner lot between Sherman Avenue NW and Girard Street NW. The completion of this project also marks the sixth development/construction joint venture with our partner Capital City Real Estate.

The project began in November 2017 with construction fully underway. JIDI participated as a primary equity investor on the project. JIDI realized a total project return on investment of 37.2% (25.5% annualized).

JIDI has several present and future opportunities including long-term hold investments (multi-family/unit, senior-assisted, student housing), condominium development & construction in both Washington, DC and Atlanta markets and an upcoming construction round of funding for our Rhode Island and Edgewood projects.

We have also made several updates to our website and have increased our social media presence (check us out now on Twitter and Instagram).

We want to thank our investors and business partners for their commitment and investment on another wonderful project.