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JIDI continues to grow and develop business by adding investors, increasing total capital, expanding the diverse group of partners utilizing our capital and increasing the total number of viable projects.  JIDI provides investment information through project offerings to our investors for their review and funding consideration.  We target returns for our investors of 15-20+% annually.  Our project investments typically last between six to forty-two months.  Many of our projects have multiple rounds of funding.  For example a project may have two rounds, one at inception (to acquire a property) and then several follow-on months at the onset of construction.  Investors would have the opportunity to participate in all rounds. Typically our projects are not buy and hold but buy, develop, renovate/construct and sell.  Our capital supplied to individual investments has ranged from $100,000 to $4.4M.  We expect this range to grow as we embark on larger development and construction opportunities.


JIDI is not a fund.  Each project we offer is presented as a single investment opportunity to our investors for their review and investment consideration.  Investors can elect to either participate or pass on the specified investment.  We create new LLC (limited partnership) entities for each of our projects where we are a limited partner member.  Investors are not personally signing for any debt, if applicable, and there are never requirements for additional capital calls.  JIDI Management receives a percentage of the profits but has the promise to receive NO fees or profits until investors first earn 12% annualized on their investment.  JIDI Management invests their own personal capital in all investments.


We pursue funding opportunities that allow JIDI to participate as either a lender or investor (owner).  We seek projects having facets that lower our risk while having above average returns.  We protect our investments with careful due diligence, solid collateral and borrowers/partners who offer experience while committing personal guarantees.


Our investments are typically presented through a Private Placement Memorandum with associated SEC filings.  Investors have the opportunity to review details of the investment and project information.  Only then do they decide to participate by filling out a subscription request and submitting it to JIDI for approval.  If you meet Accredited Investor parameters (for definition, click                ) and would like to learn more about becoming an investor with JIDI, please contact us.

NOTE: This literature is intended to inform the reader about JID Investments LLC and is not an attempt to solicit funds. Accredited Investors interested in learning more about JIDI and its current and future projects must submit an acceptable signed Investment Disclosure to receive further information and future Private Placement Memorandums. JIDI, its partners and shareholders are not liable to investors for any loss of principal and/or lower than anticipated earnings. JIDI is not a registered or licensed broker with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or any similar agency.


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